The Lords of Waterhaven

Sons and Daughters of Waterhaven Nobles


Members of the Lords of Waterhaven:

Renaldo Goldsmith – Half Elf – Renaldo is the leader of the Lords of Waterhaven. He is a silver tongued and deceptive con artist. Renaldo learned his trade through his father – a powerful noble and politician in Waterhavcen. Renaldo uses his skills as a wordsmith to get what he wants, when he wants it. To the ladies, he is handsome, suave and dashing. In battle, Renaldo chooses to talk his way out of conflicts. Renaldo is best known for his long flowing red cape which he uses to make dramatic entrances and exits. When things do not go his way Renaldo is quick to anger.

Persius Peruvius – Human – Persius is the thinker and strategizer of the Lords of Waterhaven. Persius’ parents paid a well known mage to train Persuis in the ways of the illusory arts. As a result, Persius is a skilled mage. However, Persius is snotty and stuck up. He enjoys the finer things in life including his expensive elven wine and multicolored and flashy silken robe.

Falco Kensington V – Halfling – Falco is the fifth son of the famous thief-turned noble Falco Shortwick. Soon after Falco Shortwick made his money as a world reknown prowler, he in turn used his fame to buy his way into the nobility scene. Falco Shortwick dropped the heavy handed halfling surname and adopted a more refined surname to fit his new nobility. Soon after, Falco had several children who learned the art of thievery from their father. Falco Kensington V is his youngest son. Falco is skilled with his shortsword and hand crossbow. Falco is the jokster of the group and well known for his talkative nature. Falco is also known for his wide brimmed hat ostrich plummed hat and mismatched fine and gaudy clothes. Some believe the hat is to compensate for his short stature, others believe it is a distraction from Falco’s quick hands.

Drake Whetherstone – Dragonborn – Drake is the muscle of the group. Drake is the son of a powerful military leader in Waterhaven and learned his skill with all types of polearms from the finest military trainers money could buy. Drake does not say much but thinks many people are weaklings and not worth his effort. Drake is most well known for the large and long bag he carries with him which contains his various polearms.

Kathryn Bonham Peterson- Human – Kathryn is the eye candy of the Lords of Waterhaven. She uses her womenly charms to get anything she wants from men and women alike. No one has said no to Kathryn’s charm. She enhances her appearance with fine clothing that is revealing in all the right places. Unfortunately, as soon as Kathryn gets what she wants, she drops the act and treats the person as undeserving of her beauty. In battle, she uses her abilities to inspire her team and distract enemies.

Kazarian Silvermug – Dwarf – Kazarian is not your typical dwarf. Kazarian in fact is the opposite of most dwarves. Kazarian keeps his clothes immaculate. His beard is neatly braided. In short, Kazarian hates dirt and filth. Kazarian also hates mead and ale. Instead, Kazarian loves the finest wines he can get his hands on. Kazarian hates that his fellow dwarves are filthy dirtcrawlers (as he calls them) and wishes more dwarves would take on his refined tastes. In battle, Kazarian carries a hammer and shield. On his shield is a wine goblet and orchid (his favorite flower).


The Lords of Waterhaven all hail from Waterhaven. Several years ago, these sons and daughters of Waterhaven Nobles decided to use their inherited wealth for a little adventure. Bored of the formal parties and balls, the Waterhaven Nobles purchased the best magical items they could find and set out for Bloodstone Village to make a name for themselves in the Hunt.

The Lords of Waterhaven are capable fighters, but would not be nearly as successful in the Hunt without their magical item edge. Sadly, all members of the Lords of Waterhaven are rich, arrogant, and love drama. As a result, they have earned themselves quite the reputation as bunch of entitled rich fancy pants in Bloodstone Village. Worse yet, they dress as gaudily as they act. And even more worse, they will cut corners and cheat at any chance they can get. It’s only a matter of time before the Lords of Waterhaven cross the wrong person and find themselves knocked done a few pegs.

The Lords of Waterhaven

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