House Rules and Starting Information

House Rules

This list may change as we get closer to playing, but here’s some basic house rules:

1. Sign up for Obsidian Portal, and join the campaign – I’ll be using this as a central hub to organize our adventures, characters, maps, logs etc. If you’re really saavy, add your character to the wiki.

2. If it’s in published D&D book, or in a Dragon or Dungeon Magazine, feel free to use it.

3. Class – Anything goes

4. Race – Anything goes

5. Starting Level – 3

6. Starting Gold – 520gp (unless you have a good role playing reason to have more)

7. Starting Equipment – standard equipment you buy with your 520gp. You also get one lvl 3 magic item or less of your choosing. If you want to spend your gold to buy a level 1 magic item (they cost 360gp) feel free to do so.

8. Religion – Any god/goddess in any D&D publication is fine with me.

9. Alignment – Everyone needs to be unaligned. This is really my only “Brandon” rule. The reason is that during the campaign, you’re going to meet some characters/factions who may not work for “the good guys.” They’re going to present you with some quests or tasks that you may be inclined to accept. You may also decide to work against them of course. This doesn’t mean you’re going to be evil and go around murdering townfolk, it just means that you’re free to adventure how you want to and if that means getting your hands dirty, then by all means. But to keep those options open for role playing sake, I can’t have a lawful good character in the group say no when the unaligned characters may want to “get dirty” (and vice versa if you want to be evil).

10. Motivation/History – Everyone needs to decide why their character is traveling to Bloodstone Village. (see below history and attached map for more information). It may be because your character is excited at the opportunities Upper Miramar presents, maybe he/she’s running from someone, maybe he/she’s searching for something/someone in Upper Miramar etc. If you have people in your character’s past, by all means share them with me (or the group if it’s public information) so I can make sure and work them into the story. Also, when everyone sends me their characters, it’d be great if you could just provide me with some background on the character – you know, their personality, brief personal history, important events in their life – just something to flesh them out. I’m not looking for an auto-biography, just something to get you thinking about the character.

11. Rewards for RPing/XP – I plan to dole out XP as you adventure and not just tell you to level when it’s convenient for the story. You may get quests that you won’t be ready for (don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know not to attempt it) that will be motivation to do everything you can do to get XP. To that end, I plan on rewarding good RPing with XP whether it’s out of combat (e.g. creative RPing, planning, alternative thinking, good skill challenge results) or during combat, especially if it’s for effect and not necessarily going for max damage (e.g. kicking over table to use for cover; shooting a stalagtite so it falls on a monster’s head; jumping over a balcony, swinging onto a chandelier and using it to kick a monster in the face etc). I’ll try to have good “rooms” with plenty of fun stuff to use in your encounters just so we’re not all fighting in “random square rooms.”

12. Factions – In addition to Quest XP, I’m going to give Faction XP as well. Like I said above, who you guys want to help is completely up to you, but there will definitely be rewards for choosing to work for certain people, good and bad. And if you’re creative enough to work for both without the opposing faction knowing, good for you! So for example, you know that Blacksmith John is loyal to King Gareth. However, Blacksmith John doesn’t quite know you yet. So he gives you his standard rates on his items. Maybe after a particular quest(s), you’ve earned enough Faction XP to “go up in level.” Blacksmith John is impressed with how you’ve helped the Crown so he’s going to give you a discount and access to his “good stuff.” Maybe he even has a quest now that he needs your help with that he wouldn’t have given you before because he didn’t trust you.

13. Complaints – For all that is holy, please please please let me know if I’m doing something that’s not fun for you. I promise it won’t hurt my feelings. I have fun when we’re all having fun.

Starting Information

The spring thaw has just begun and the roads have opened out of the Crossroads to Bloodstone Village. The first caravans are beginning to leave, loaded with goods for trade and travelers making their way to Upper Miramar. The occasional snow and bitter cold day can still be found, but each day in Upper Miramar slowly brings more warmth to the region melting the permafrost on the grounds and the ice over the lakes and rivers. The animals too have ended their hibernation and many monster are beginning to come down out of the mountains searching for food.

You all find yourselves on a three wagon caravan heading out of the Crossroads towards Bloostone Village. It will take several days to reach Bloodstone Village over which you’ll slowly learn about your traveling companions and the other individuals you travel with. Unfortunately though, you’ll soon learn that the normally uneventual trip to Bloodstone Village is wrought with dangerleading to events that will soon tie the fates of you together. . .

House Rules and Starting Information

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