The Frozen Kingdom

On the Road to Bloodstone Village

The spring thaw has just begun and the roads have opened out of the Crossroads to Bloodstone Village. The first caravans are beginning to leave, loaded with goods for trade and travelers making their way to Upper Miramar. The occasional snow and bitter cold day can still be found, but each day in Upper Miramar slowly brings more warmth to the region melting the permafrost on the grounds and the ice over the lakes and rivers. The animals too have ended their hibernation and many monster are beginning to come down out of the mountains searching for food.

You all find yourselves on a three wagon caravan heading out of the Crossroads towards Bloodstone Village. It will take several days to reach Bloodstone Village over which you’ll slowly learn about your traveling companions and the other individuals you travel with. Unfortunately though, you’ll soon learn that the normally uneventful trip to Bloodstone Village is wrought with danger leading to events that will soon tie the fates of you together. . .


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