Robilliard the Magnificent

Resident Wizard of Bloodstone Village Who Is Also Magnificent


Robilliard the Magnificent (a term he has given himself) is the local sage and wizard of Bloodstone Village. Robilliard served during the Bloodstone Wars as one of the war wizards sent from the Arcane Hostower in South Miramar. Skilled in both evocation and abjuration schools of magic, Robilliard quickly became a favorite among the various squads and battalions he served on. Unfortunately though, Robilliard is not a people person.

Robilliard is a middle-aged human, completely bald with a black goatee. Robilliard is usually seen in blood red robes and carrying his favorite staff. Robilliard is often seen wearing several pieces of jewerly – most likely magical – including earrings and rings. Robilliard typically has two looks – scowl and agitated.


Robilliard is quite arrogant and thinks all but a few individuals are beneath him. This was partially the reason why the Arcane Hostower despatched him to Bloodstone Village after the King requested they send a wizard following the Bloodstone Village – none of his wizard superiors or colleages could stand him. The other reason is that he had served with Captain Ellerly’s father during the war so it was thought he might show her some semblence of respect. Many of the townsfolk of Bloodstone Village prefer to keep out of the wizard’s business and Robilliard prefers it that way.

One of Robilliard’s few enjoyments is watching the hangings. This is the reason why Robilliard requested the town gallows be placed near his tower.

Robilliard the Magnificent

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