Pikel Gravelback

Local Blacksmith


Pikel Gravelback is the cousin to the infamous Ivan Bouldershoulder. Pikel matches Ivan’s skill not in fighting, but in Blacksmitthing (it’s a word!). Pikel does not have the combat prowess his cousin has but can handle himself well enough with his twin warhammers. Pikel has fiery red hair and an uncommonly short beard. He keeps it short because he was tired from constantly putting out his beard from fires started by his shop’s furnace. Pikel is unmatched in his blacksmith trade and crafts both normal weapons and magical weapons for those that he respects and likes. He is also a skilled miner and excellent trader.

Ironically though, Pikel has bouts of clumsiness sometimes. He will often hammer his finger while crafting the finest blade any has scene. Sometimes he will trip over something in his shop only to awaken an hour later after discovering he hit his head on the way down. Pikel is hard on his young human apprentice, but in a loving sort of way.


Pikel Gravelback

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