Ivan Bouldershoulder

A gruff old dwarf who rides with your group towards Bloodstone Village


He is a rough looking dwarf with scars all over this face and food matted in his black beard. Ivan’s head is shaved. He is also missing part of his ear. He has a story for every scar on his body (and he has a lot!). He carries twin battle axes across his back.


Ivan is an experienced, battle hardened dwarf who served as a mercenary in the BloodStone War. By dwarf accounts, he is an “old timer.” Ivan served in King Gareth Isenhart’s armies during the Bloodstone War.

Ivan is most famous in the Bloodstone region for being at the top of the top of the leader boards of the Hunt for the last several years – even beating out some of the gangs and groups such as the Gutbuster Brigade, the fancy pant Lords of Waterhaven, the all female group the Sirens and the warpig riding halfing group Cavalries of the Feast. He earns his coin in the summer in Bloodstone Village and spends his winters drinking it in Luskan (good wisky!).

Ivan Bouldershoulder

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