Captain Ellery Isenhart

Niece of the King and Captain of the Guard at Bloodstone Village


Captain Ellery is an attractive young human with long flowing blond hair and blue eyes. She is usually seen in her shining plate mail with her fullblade, Heart of Winter, strapped across her back. She is a capable fighter, rising through the ranks after the Bloodstone War even though she is a female. She is also very perceptive and quick witted but heavily burdened by the responsibility of protecting the people of Bloodstone Village from the wilds and monsters of Upper Miramar.


She is the niece of King Gareth Isenhart and the Captain of the Guard of Bloodstone Village. Heart of Winter was given to her as a gift by the King when she became the Captain of the Guard at Bloodstone Village.

She was trained as a Paladin of Erathis much like her Uncle (King Gareth Isenhart)in Waterhaven. She enlisted at the young age of 15 and soon gained in rank. At the young age of 21 she was the 2nd in command of the Bloodstone Village. A few years later, the then acting Captain of the Guard died in a tragic accident one cold night after slipping and falling from the palisades to his death. Captain Ellery has been in charge ever since. She is generally favored by many of the good people of Bloodstone Village.

She is particularly fond of an old gruff dwarf named Ivan Bouldershoulder who has been like a father to her while she has been stationed at Bloodstone Village.

Captain Ellery Isenhart

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