Bub “Roughneck” McGee

Local Bloodstone Village Trapper


One of the best trappers in the Bloodstone Village region, Bub “Roughneck” Mcgee has trapped every creature imaginable.

Current Arm Wrestling Records Against the Party: 1-1


Bub is a middle aged human of average height. However, he is solid and muscular from his years spent in the wilds. His most distinguishing characteristic though are his huge forearms which he will gladly tell you he has obtained by wrestling bears, hill giants, and other large creatures in the region he has tracked and trapped. Bub usually wears his trademark flannel shirt with leather breeches and a large fur cap made from the fur pelt an ettin wore (according to him). When Bub isn’t out tracking and trapping, he can be found at the Crescent Moon Inn, drinking heavily and challenging anyone to a drinking game or arm wrestling contest.

Bub “Roughneck” McGee

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